Einstein’s 251

251 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North 9939 5135



The water comes in a conical flask (!)


Soy Hot Chocolate




 Brazilian Super Smoothie


Mumma’s Latkes


Kaz’s Japanese Teriyaki Burger


Egyptian Brekky


Braised Eggs


Soy Hot Chocolate – not too rich, not too watery = Not bad

Latte – weak and tasted slightly burnt = Not bad

Brazilian Super Smoothie – THICK blend of acai berries, banana, granola, apple juice, yogurt, topped with coconut. This smoothie was almost a meal in itself = Good

Mumma’s Latkes – thin crispy potato and spring onion latkes served with smoked salmon, a poached egg, radish slithers and a horseradish sour cream = Good

Kaz’s Japanese Teriyaki Burger – wagyu beef burger with teriyaki aioli, tomato and lettuce on a challah roll, served with wasabi aioli drizzled crispy sweet potato = Not bad

Egyptian Brekky – baked eggs with eggplant, spinach, beetroot relish, feta, dukkah and green tahini. Best to get this dish with the spiced lamb otherwise it is quite ordinary = Not bad

Braised Eggs – baked eggs in a sour middle eastern tomato sauce, onion, capsicum, crispy zaatar mushrooms and goats cheese served with toasted seeded sourdough = Not bad


If only the food here was as good as the decor.

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Hot Cross Cookies



Recipe from: Donna Hay


Alterations I made were:

  • substituting the sultanas in the recipe for chocolate chips
  • using melted white chocolate for the crosses instead of icing sugar



I’ve had a cookie craving for the past week now and finally found some time today to make these. These sweet crumbly cookies have a distinctive cinnamon taste and I feel that one teaspoon of cinnamon instead of two is plenty enough. (Note that I didn’t use a piping bag, hence the uneven crosses.)


Hope you all have a Happy Easter!

Me N Roll

636A Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn 9973 9825



Honeydew Rice Wine


Octopus Roll


Salmon Salad Roll


Spicy Tuna Roll


 Prawn Crunch Roll



Honeydew Rice Wine – sweet and refreshing with the distinctive taste of honeydew = Good

Octopus Roll – octopus mix, roll salad, cucumber and avocado = Not bad

Salmon Salad Roll – salmon, roll salad, cucumber, avocado and onion = Good

Spicy Tuna Roll – tuna mix, cucumber,spring onion and fish roe = Not bad

Prawn Crunch Roll – tempura prawn, roll salad, cucumber, avocado, fish roe and lettuce = Good



I don’t buy many restaurant vouchers these days. However what compelled me to buy this particular voucher were the words ‘All-You-Can-Eat Sushi’, and for $29 for two people I was sold! I felt confident that I could eat at least 5 of these sushi rolls without a problem! But it turns out that rice is not your friend when it comes to all-you-can-eat.

The sushi rolls here are freshly made, nicely presented and are quite generous in size. (Note that this voucher limited our selection to what was available on the Roll-B and Roll-C menu only) The staff here are friendly and the decor is very cute. Nonetheless I don’t think I would come here without a voucher or discount of some sort.


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Nieuw Amsterdam

106-112 Hardware Street, Melbourne 9602 2111



 House baked sourdough


Black kingfish ceviche


 Chicken waffles


 Smokey beef brisket


Rabbit meatballs


Grits fritters


Baked eggplant


 Peanut butter sandwich


Pumpkin donuts



House baked sourdough – tasted more like regular bread than sourdough as it did not have that mild sour taste. However this bread did have a crispy yet oily crust reminiscent to that of pan fried pizza base = Good

Black kingfish ceviche – served with daikon, dashi dressing, crunchy quinoa and finger limes. A fresh and cool combination of flavours and textures = Good

Chicken waffles – strong flavoured pate, terrine, crispy chicken skin and orange caramel = Not bad

Smokey beef brisket – juicy pieces of beef served with carrot remoulade = Good

Rabbit meatballs – dry gamey meatballs, undercooked tagliatelle, sofrito, and roast tomato sauce. Note that this dish is no longer on the menu = Bad

Grits fritters – marvelously fluffy fritters served with a variety of sweetcorn and heirloom beetroots = Good

Baked eggplant – served with grilled tofu, mushrooms and spiced yogurt = Good

Peanut butter sandwich – served with cherry ripe ice cream, peanuts, salted caramel and chocolate sauce. It’s such a shame that this dessert is no longer on the menu as it was delicious! = Good

Pumpkin donuts – crispy deep fried donuts served with Kentucky bourbon whipped cream. The donuts by themselves are quite dry so need to be eaten together with the cream = Not bad



Great food, good service, dark and sleek atmosphere. This place is absolutely worth visiting.


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Colourful Yunnan

680 Swanston St, Carlton 9943 1055



Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles (before)



Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles (after)


Fried Kway Teow with Beef


Barbecue Lemon Fish



Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles – a traditional Yunnan dish that has a charming story behind it. The story involves a scholar who was studying for his imperial exams amidst the tranquility of a small island. Each day his wife would bring him lunch by crossing a bridge onto the island however by the time she got there his food was cold. She decided to experiment with different methods to keep her dishes warm and soon discovered that by having a layer of oil on top of the soup, the broth would remain hot enough to cook the other ingredients by the she arrived onto the island. And since she had to cross a bridge to get to the the island, her dish became known as “cross-bridge rice noodles”.

What you get with this dish is:

  • a bowl of pre-cooked rice noodles
  • a big bowl of very hot chicken broth
  • a plate of assorted slices of chicken, raw fish, ham
  • a quail egg
  • a plate of vegetables

The order in which the ingredients go into the soup is: egg, fish, ham, chicken, vegetables and then noodles. The next step is to wait for a minute or two for the ingredients to cook through.

I really enjoyed this dish. The broth was mild yet very flavoursome, and the noodles were fantastically soft and slippery. (Plus it was fun putting all the ingredients together) = Good

Fried Kway Teow – flat rice noodles with either beef or chicken or seafood, egg, spring onion, capsicum and bean sprouts = Not bad

Barbecue Lemon Fish – sweet, citrusy, and mildly (hardly) spicy. This perfectly fried crispy fish was delicious = Good



Located close to Melbourne University, this place is often packed full of hungry students during lunchtime. The atmosphere was noisy and the service was good considering how busy they were.


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Merchants Guild

680 Centre Rd, Bentleigh East 9579 0734



Soy latte


Pumpkin, feta and harissa polenta biscuit, free range poached eggs and za’atar


Shortcut bacon with an avocado and charred corn salsa on sourdough with poached eggs and jalapeño pesto


Doughnut french toast with vanilla mascarpone, peaches, berries and pistachios



Soy latte – strong with a rich aroma = Good

Polenta biscuit – this polenta biscuit was fantastic as it was full of flavour, crisp on the outside, and soft and delicious on the inside. The eggs were nicely poached and the herbaceous za’atar added an interesting element to the dish = Excellent

Bacon, avocado, eggs – ordinary bacon, tasty avocado and corn salsa, terrific jalapeño pesto (it gave the sourdough a nice little kick) = Good

Doughnut french toast – delicious! My only grievance with this dish was the small portion size = Good



A delightful gem of a place where the service, atmosphere and food is great. It’s comforting to know that there are terrific brunch places like this south side of Melbourne. I’m looking forward to my next visit.


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Noble Calzones

238 Railway Parade, Noble Park 9791 2699



The Sweet Hot Chick



Pepper Steak with Goats Cheese


Choc Berry Double Bliss calzone


The Sweet Hot Chick – sweet chilli chicken, capsicum, onion, fresh chilli (that is actually hot) and herbs = Good

Pepper Steak with Goat Cheese – sliced steak (bland and chewy), onion, capsicum, chevre (goat cheese) and peppercorns = Not bad

Choc Berry Double Bliss calzone – chocolate fondant and berry calzone served with vanilla ice cream. Although the photo I took of this is not particularly appetising, this calzone was actually quite tasty. The sweet butter dough reminded me of donuts and the fondant itself had the right amount of sweetness to it and was not overly rich = Good


The terrific thing about this place is that all the meat and dairy used here are certified halal products and that no pork products are used or kept on the premises. The menu items that contain ham and bacon are in fact beef ham and turkey bacon (I had no idea that turkey bacon existed!). The service was incredibly warm and friendly, and the food tasty and exciting.

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